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Welcome to my personal website. If you're visiting it means you are a lover of books like I am. All books aren't for everyone. As a reader, you already know this. The books I write have great plots filled with crime, revenge, plenty of action, heartbreak, relationships between families and friends, sizzling romance of an adult nature, and gives an overall  good feeling when you read the last sentence. If that sounds like something you like reading, feel free to navigate my website. If you're an author, you will find writing help and marketing advice on my blog pages. My overall aim is to thrill readers on every page. The first chapters of current novels and soon to be released novels are free to read. So sit back and make yourself comfortable.

Te dua,

Shelley Young

Latest News!

Hello Everyone,

Still working on THE BLOOD SPORT. As soon as I have a release date I will let everyone know.

In other news, for readers who have asked if there's more to come for Hamut and Hamutita, the answer's yes. I'm working on two new books and hoping to have the first one available by year's end.

A big shout out to all readers for making THE FORBIDDEN LILY as successful as it has been. Thanks!

If you read any of my books and liked them, can you please take a moment and leave a review?  The more five and four stars I have for each title, the better chance of obtaining new readers.

Thanks again everyone for all of your support. I couldn't have made it this far without you!

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New Release

Thanks everyone for making this an Amazon Bestseller in categories of overall sci-fi books sold, alien contact and genetic engineering.

The Battle of Eiglexx 4-Book Boxed Set


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Other New Releases

Be sure to download your copy of one of my six new releases. Click titles below to read first chapters for free, as well as locate Amazon purchase links.

The Rain House

The Forbiddenly Lily

The Babisian Box

The Rise of the Eiglexx

The Birth of a Corsai

The EWA 8: Domination Terminated

Sneak Peak: The Rain House Book Trailer

A psychological thriller you won't be able to put down.

Sneak Peak: The Babisian Box Book Trailer

Aliens are real. Will you be ready when they arrive?