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In celebration of my new release, three winners will receive either an autographed printed copy or a gifted Kindle edition of any of my books, including my new release, ANYONE CAN WRITE. Pick your choice of one of eleven books: thriller-suspense, erotic murder mystery, sci-fi, historical, pyschological thriller or nonfiction. Grand prize winner will also receive a $20.00 Amazon gift card. This contest is open to U.S. residents only for autographed printed copies, but open to EVERYONE for a gifted Kindle copy and Amazon gift card, and does not include The Battle of Eiglexx 4-Book Bundle. To enter, sign up for my newsletter, give a 'like' to my FB  or Amazon author page. You can even join me on Twitter if you like.

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced August 1st. If  only three entries, 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive $5.00 Amazon gift cards.

1t Place: One book of your choice & $20.00 Amazon Gift Card

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 Titles to choose from: The Blood Feud, The Blood Tie, The Blood Trail, Plain Dealing, The Rain House, The Forbidden Lily, The Babisian Box, The Rise of the Eiglexx, The Birth of a Corsai, The EWA 8: Domination Terminated, Anyone Can Write (is available in printed copy only). Not sure what these books are about? Most first chapters are free to read on my site by clicking the title's tab.


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Welcome to my personal website. If you're visiting it means you are a lover of books like I am. All books aren't for everyone. As a reader, you already know this. The books I write have great plots filled with crime, revenge, plenty of action, heartbreak, relationships between families and friends, sizzling romance of an adult nature, and gives an overall  good feeling after you've read the last sentence. If that sounds like something you like reading, feel free to navigate my website. If you're an author, you will find writing help and marketing advice on my blog pages. My overall aim is to thrill readers on every page. The first chapters of my full-length novels are free to read. So sit back and make yourself comfortable.

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Shelley Young

Latest Update!

ANYONE CAN WRITE has finally hit the market. Ever thought of writing your life story or a good fiction novel? I believe that ANYONE CAN WRITE can help you get the job done. Become a published author either by self-publishing or traditional publishing. What you will need to do to achieve that is have a completed manuscript. With ANYONE CAN WRITE, learn tricks to write exciting pages for readers and become the next bestselling author. (This book is available in printed copies only.) At $9.89 plus shipping and handling, it is an investment in your future.


In other news, THE BLOOD SPORT is still be worked on, unfortunately. But here's some good news. The fifth book of the Hamut & Hamutita series and titled, THE NEW BREED, will be released soon. For all readers who enjoyed The Battle of Eiglexx 4 book series, you'll want to get a copy of THE NEW BREED, as Hamut & Hamutita has another mission for you to enjoy. Give me a little more time to present the cover reveal. I will post it as soon as I can.

If you've read any of my books and liked them, can you please take a moment and leave a review?  The more five and four stars I have for each title, the better chance of obtaining new readers. This means a lot, guys. Thanks for your help!

I also want to give a huge thanks to anyone who has purchased any of my books. Thank you for making me reach Amazon's top 100 bestsellers in several categories on numerous occasions. Your support has been absolutely amazing. I couldn't have made it this far without you! 

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Thanks everyone for making this an Amazon Bestseller in categories of overall sci-fi books sold, alien contact and genetic engineering.

The Battle of Eiglexx 4-Book Boxed Set


You can also purchase the four books in this series individually under these titles: THE BABISIAN BOX, THE RISE OF THE EIGLEXX, THE BIRTH OF A CORSAI, and THE EWA 8: DOMINATION TERMINATED

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Sneak Peak: The Rain House Book Trailer

A psychological thriller you won't be able to put down.

Sneak Peak: The Babisian Box Book Trailer

Aliens are real. Will you be ready when they arrive?