Nov. 12, 2013

How much is too much?

I get this question a lot so I thought I would share my thoughs on it. How much is too much when writing fiction?

Here's my answer. Not many subjects are taboo.

In my opinion it all depends on how well the scene or novel is written. Readers want to escape reality, so too much reality is no escape at all. Writing such dramatic scenes that will make the reader depressed, or sickened or to become too emotional - too involved means you have crossed the line.

Does this mean that your characters shouldn't suffer? Not at all! Put your character through the ringer! Life threatening situations are always best. Make sure that at each point that your characters travel through doors of no return. Will the character make it through this hurdle? Will he/she be hurt? How will they handle situations out of their control? Give hope. And last but not least, thrill, thrill, thrill. At the closing of the book a reader should feel like they have gone on a journey, one that they can enjoy over again.