Dec. 13, 2013

Building a Fan Base That Leads to Success

If you are a no name, regardless of how great you feel your manuscript is or how well it is written, getting someone to pay attention is next to impossible. Indie publishing has taken the literary world by storm. You've finished your novel. Now what? This point is another beginning in an adventure that will end the way YOU make it end. There are three things you must have: determination, a mindset not to fail, and in-your-face PR. If you were expecting your Indie published book to sell on its own, you are mistaken. Unless Lady Luck is on your side, there are many things you must do to accomplish success. My first tip to you is appreciate the small things. Selling 2 books a day (yes two!) for an Indie publisher, is an accomplishment. Is it close to a million? No, but you're working on it. The more titles under your name the higher chances of being recognized and building a strong fan base. The more your fans speak your name or the title of your book should be the ultimate goal. Word of mouth is everything to reaching that award winning number of sales. If you are a writer share your thoughts, leave your name, blog site. I'll have more to add to this subject shortly. Until then, te dua!

Te dua!