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You're welcome, Jasmine. Any time. :)

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Thanks Shelley and all the best!

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Aug. 8, 2016


Thanks for all of the giveaway entries! They have been received.

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Jul. 27, 2016


Hi Rachel,

I received your entry along with the others.

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Shelley, pick me!

Thanks for the chance!

Jun. 26, 2016


Please be considerate and don't leave business advertisements on my personal website.

Jun. 17, 2016


Mary, Tammie and Sheila, thanks for signing up! Newsletters will go out shortly.

Jun. 9, 2016

Mary K Kuklinski

I would like to be added to your newsletter please. I can't find a button to sign up with so if you can add me I will really appreciate it. Thank you.

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This is a pretty cool house and location!

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Shelley Young

Hello Sherdina!

Lovely pic! Smiles are always welcome. You have been added to my newsletter. :)

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Sherdina Abron

I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter please.

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Shelley Young

Hello Beth,

You have been added to the newsletter. I hope this message finds you well on this sunny day! Look forward in keeping connected.

Apr. 25, 2016

Beth Miller

Please add me to your newsletter list

Apr. 23, 2015

Theodore Mosley

GOD bless you my sister and may the LORD thy GOD continue to bless the pen and paper that you create with.

Website Apr. 2, 2015

James Moushon

Author Interview Invitation: HBS Author's Spotlight

I hope the Tucson Festival of Books was a success. It was nice to meet you in person. I was one running around taking pictures and grabbing literature. http://bit.ly/1BNLyyV

If you missed the Festival pictures here is a shortcut: http://on.fb.me/1FqibTq

I would like to do a complete article about you on the HBS Author's Spotlight blog. The post would include your bio, a list of your books with buy links, your contact information and a Q/A session.

We are getting a lot of views on the posts. Recently we passed 300,000 views on our blogs.

You can check the blog http://bit.ly/QVEMix. Also you can view a list of the Authors already featured in the HBS Author’s Spotlight blog: http://bit.ly/SABakv. We have done over 475 interviews and new release showcase posts to date.

I need your approval and an email address to send the questions. The email address will stay completely confidential upon request.

Website Mar. 15, 2015

James Moushon


You are mentioned in today’s post: http://bit.ly/1BNLyyV

With the BC award.

I hope you had a great show.


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Dan Alatorre

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Website Jun. 8, 2014

Dan Alatorre

What great website! simple and effective. I love it!