Work, work, work, work!

It seems all I do is work.

Good news! The Rain House and The Forbidden Lily are completed. Currently I am working on The Blood Sport, and I must tell you. I'm having lots of fun writing it. More romance, and crime, a new enemy, and more laughter. If you thought you were a fan of the Dardian Dreshaj series, I think The Blood Sport will confirm that Dardian Dreshaj is one bad mother, Aaliyah is crazy beautiful, and Kevin is the scariest, but funniest man alive.

Stay tuned for release dates! My storyboard for book five, Blood and Betrayal has been completed and many chapters already written. I also have more books coming your way, one of them with two female leads. I will also post (in the future) event dates and locations I will be attending. I haven't forgotten about Thrill Me With A Chapter. It should be live in the near future. I want to send a shout out to two awesome readers, K & Z! Until then happy reading!

Te dua

What It Be? What's New?

Sep. 6, 2015

Deadlines Are for Murderers!

The Blood Trail has been handed over to the proofreader. After the proofreader finishes his part, the manuscript is then given to my editor. The process can take some weeks. Please know that giving you my best is my ultimate goal. I will post the release date as soon as it has been established.

*Coming Soon*
Thrill Me With One Chapter
This was a great idea given to me by a friend whom I shall refer to as DRT. Yes, the same friend who inspired me to write Plain Dealing. I hope to have had this page up and running this summer, but once again, deadlines are for murderers! Will definitely keep you posted on this, as well as other upcoming projects.

Have a wonderful day and be blessed!
Much love to all of you.

Te dua,

Shelley Young

Awesome Fan!

Tonya Verge is a fan that I have to recognize. Not only has she purchased every single book I published, she has gotten others to buy the books as well. She has even dedicated FB postings for my upcoming book signing at Barnes and Noble. An aspiring writer, avid reader and all around great person, she resides in Southern California with her husband.


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