At seven years old, my mother passed away. As you may imagine, it was a very difficult time in my life. My mother was truly a fantastic mother; she was definitely a hands-on caregiver to each of her children. There was so much love and closeness in our home. After she was gone my family was divided and placed in the foster care system. During the next few years saying I was depressed is more than an understatement. I was beyond lost and no longer had the love I was used to. This is until I picked up a book called ‘Islands of the Blue Dolphins.’ Not only was I wowed with this read, I had been, while reading, transformed. I placed myself as the character. Her struggles and accomplishments became my struggles and accomplishments. Once the book was completed I went in search of another book that will thrill me, something else to bring me alive once again. One book turned into many and by the time I was ten I was determined to become an author, and that I, too, would write stories where readers would  'feel' for the characters I would create and cheer for them at every turn. 

This came true after The Blood Feud was published. To date this book has bounced continuously on Amazon's bestsellers list in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Everyone has a story to tell. The road you traveled during your tale may be different from mine, but one thing is true for all. You will dictate most of the ending. What's your story? Share it with me, then afterwards, let's either read or create a story together.

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Te dua,

Shelley Young